Amelia Franck Meyer, MS, MSW, LISW, APSW

Amelia Franck Meyer is the founder and CEO of Alia: innovations for people and systems impacted by childhood trauma.  Alia provides deep-dive systemic interventions, training, consultation, demonstration projects, and leadership coaching to transform child welfare.  Amelia has worked in over half of the states and many countries internationally to promote innovative ideas and to radically re-think child welfare.  She is leading a national movement to create a child welfare system across the country where all people – youth and their caregivers – can thrive.

At Alia, Amelia also works to convene change makers and advance the tools and knowledge base in the field of child welfare.  This is why, when no other tools existed, she led the initiative to bring together academic, research and professional partners at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare to develop the Youth Connections Scale (YCS) and the Wellbeing Indicator Tool for Youth (WIT-Y), both nationally recognized, evidence-informed and widely applied tools.

Before Alia, Amelia was the CEO of Anu Family Services, a child welfare agency located in 90 counties in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  During her 15-year tenure, Anu produced nationally recognized child permanence and placement stability outcomes for children in out-of-home care that far exceeded national averages and was on the leading edge of promoting and measuring wellbeing for youth and the child welfare workforce.   Anu remains a strategic partner of Alia.

Amelia’s work has not gone unnoticed, and in 2015, Amelia was named as a recipient of the prestigious Bush Fellowship by the Bush Foundation and was named an Ashoka Fellow by Ashoka Innovators for the Public.  Amelia received the 2015 CEHD Alumni Society Award of Excellence from the University of Minnesota, 2010 Alumna of the Year Award from theSchool of Social Work at the University of Minnesota, 2010 Alumna of the Year Award from the Department of Sociology at Illinois State University, and was also named the 2010 Emerging Leader by the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota for achieving “early distinction” in her career. 

Amelia has spent nearly three decades dedicated to serving children and families in the areas of out-of-home care, family-based services and disability services.  In addition, Amelia holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology/Marriage and Family, a Master’s Degree in Social Work/Human Service Management, and graduate certificates in Disability Policy and Services and Permanence and Adoption Competency, and she is currently enrolled in a doctorate program in Organizational Change and Leadership at The University of Southern California (USC).

Amelia has presented nationally and internationally on topics in child welfare, education and criminal justice including grief, loss and trauma, child wellbeing, child permanence and placement stability, workforce wellbeing, leadership fortitude, secondary traumatic stress, resilience, and change management. 

Amelia has served on national and statewide boards and strategic committees in both private and public agencies that address her passion of improving the lives of children and families so that all can thrive.