Grasping Fog: The Reflective Use of Self and Its Application in Social Work Supervision (FULL)

The supervisory relationship presents some unique challenges and opportunities involving effective use of self. Supervisors are frequently confronted with situations that may evoke strong personal reactions. This course will help participants develop a meaningful and accessible way to conceptualize, apply, and describe the process of “use of self” to themselves and their supervisors.

This course will utilize didactic input and experiential learning, participants will explore how the whole person of the supervisor can be effectively engaged in the way supervision is provided. Strategies for managing obstacles will be introduced, including self-insight, self-integration, empathy, anxiety management, and conceptualizing skills.

Participants in this course will learn (to):

  • Identify personal attributes, beliefs, and potential triggers that influence the ways they function as a professional supervisor
  • Examine important ethical and clinical consequence of self-awareness and self- influence on supervisory effectiveness
  • Apply tools for identifying and evaluating reactions to supervisees
  • Recognize how interpersonal dynamics in the supervisory relationship are often replicated in the supervisees relationships with clients
  • Strategies for addressing personal insecurities that may limit supervisory effectiveness
  • How the supervisor’s use of self can be a catalyst for professional growth and improved performance by the supervisee

This course will be held via Zoom and participant numbers will be capped to ensure a personalized learning experience.

Counts as Required course for Supervision Certificate Program

Instructor: Angela Lewis-Dmello, MSW, LICSW

Date(s): 07/16/2020

Time: 8:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

CEUs: 6 CEUs

Cost: $130

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