Differential Diagnosis in Trauma: DSM-5 Diagnosis for Traumatized Clients

Differential diagnosis for clients presenting with trauma histories can be a complex and difficult task requiring a full evaluation of the clinical picture and an understanding of frequently co-occurring disorders for clients who have experienced trauma. Attendees will learn about mental health disorders prevalent in clients with trauma, skills for accurate yet compassionate assessment, common pitfalls in diagnosis, and essential variables to consider when diagnosing this population. Through use of lecture, case studies, and discussion, attendees will learn to diagnose more precisely and ethically, which will enhance the client’s treatment and lead to better psychotherapeutic outcomes.

Please note: Each class will be held via Zoom. Participant numbers will be capped to ensure a personalized learning experience and there will be numerous opportunities for engagement (e.g. small group discussions, role plays, case studies). As such, learners should prepare for active participation. We ask that students keep their cameras on as much as they are able, while understanding that it may not be possible to keep cameras on throughout the entire class. Rest assured that we will take many breaks throughout each class to help assuage Zoom fatigue.

Counts as Diagnostics course for Trauma Certificate Program

Instructor: Angela Lewis-Dmello, MSW, LICSW

Date(s): 01/12/2021

Time: 1:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.

CEUs: 3 CEUs; 3 Clinical Clock Hours; 1 hour in differential dx and biopsychosocial assessment, 1 hour in assessment-based treatment planning, 1 hour in clinical intervention methods

Cost: $95

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