Contracted Clinical Supervision: Navigating the Balance of Transparency, Support, and Accountability

The relationship between the supervisor and the supervisee is key to the effectiveness of the supervisory relationship. An important feature of the supervisory process is the creation and formation of the contract for supervision. This document represents the ways in which this relationship will function, the ways in which challenges will be addressed, and the boundaries of the roles and responsibilities.

This course will help new and experienced supervisors alike to consider the contract for supervision as a tool in the relational act of supervision, to create an effective template for a contract for supervision, and to discuss issues and challenges related to contract creation.

Participants are encouraged to bring a contract they have used in the past to this class.

Counts as Required course for Supervision Certificate Program

*Each class this year will be held via Zoom. Participant numbers will be capped to ensure a personalized learning experience and there will be numerous opportunities for engagement (e.g. small group discussions, role plays, case studies). As such, learners should prepare for active participation. We ask that students keep their cameras on as much as they are able, while understanding that it may not be possible to keep cameras on throughout the entire class. Rest assured that we will take many breaks throughout each class to help assuage Zoom fatigue.

Instructor: Christina Haddad Gonzalez, MSW, LICSW

Date(s): 07/08/2021

Time: 8:45 a.m. to 12 p.m.

CEUs: 3 CEUs

Cost: $90

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