Certificate Programs

We offer three exciting certificate programs for professionals looking to increase their knowledge and skills and improve their practice: Interdisciplinary Certificate in Trauma Studies; Supervision in Social Work Certificate, and Trauma-Effective Leadership Certificate: Building Trauma-Informed Leaders and Resilient Organizations.

Interdisciplinary Certificate in Trauma Studies

This program is designed for licensed professional and advanced graduate students in mental health, health, education, corrections, pastoral care, military, and children and family services who serve clients with histories of trauma. It is intended for professionals working in a range of settings with survivors of abuse, interpersonal violence, war, torture, accidents, crime, and disasters. The coursework offers specialized training in the assessment and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorders in children and adults. The Certificate in Trauma Studies consists of 90 hours of classroom education and training. You must be admitted to the certificate program. Please click the link above and feel free to email us with any questions.

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Supervision in Social Work Certificate

The School of Social Work recognizes that supervisors are expected to mediate the pressures associated with over-burdened staff, resource reductions, escalating demand, and a volatile social policy climate while assuring high-quality services. However, many supervisors—even those with years of experience—have never had the opportunity to acquire some of the knowledge and skills critical to effective supervision in social work. The Supervision Series was created to equip social work supervisors with new skills, knowledge, and perspective that will allow them to exercise leadership more effectively. By blending emerging research with foundational knowledge, these short courses allow both new and experienced supervisors to achieve increased personal satisfaction and job effectiveness.

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Trauma-Effective Leadership Certificate

Imagine creating an organization where everyone understands their ‘why’, purpose or belief and are working from a place where they can innovate, grow, adapt, inspire, and influence teams, clients, systems, and communities. Leaders set culture and create environments where people feel safe. We invite you to step into the learning of how to become an inspired leader who can create an environment that is not only informed about trauma, but is effective at mitigating and ameliorating trauma.

This fully online, rigorous, nine month synchronous online education certificate program will use a cohort learning model to provide learners with:

  • What a “trauma-effective organization” looks like – how to define, measure and recognize well-being.
  • New “trauma-effective” leadership techniques, based on emerging understandings of the importance of safety (physical and emotional).
  • Increased awareness of leader’s role in shaping culture to be safe in both conscious and unconscious practices in the parallel process.
  • New skills and strategies to create a toolbox of trauma-effective leadership practices.

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